National Program

Gymnastics Canada directs programs for athletes competing beyond the provincial level. These programs - Aspire, National Level (Level 10) and High Performance - provide athletes with the chance for expanded competitive opportunities.

The Aspire program assists in the development of young athletes across Canada who have set their sights on participating in future high-level competition. The program is divided in two levels, Aspire 1 and Aspire 2, and is dedicated to mastering strong basic skills on all apparatus, in order to build advanced elements in the future.

The High Performance national program is comprised of 3 levels – novice, junior and senior. High Performance (HP) status is given to these athletes based on their results at Elite Canada.


  • Aspire 1 and 2: 9-11
  • National and HP Novice: 11-13
  • Junior: 12-15
  • Senior: 14 and older

Athletes in this program train 5 hours, 5 times a week.