Drop-In & Lessons

Note: All participants must sign a waiver before the drop-in starts. Waivers can be signed either in person at the front desk or online by clicking here.

Drop-In Schedule (March 18th - June 23rd)

DayCubs & PreschoolFamily Drop In
(Ninja & Gym)
$10 / child
$13 / 2 children
$20 / child + adult
$25 / 2 children + adult

Passes available with membership:

  • Cubs & Preschool Drop-in: 10 passes - one child - $80
  • Cubs & Preschool Drop-in: 10 passes - two children - $100
  • Family Drop-in: 10 passes - one adult/one child - $150
  • Family Drop-in: 10 passes - one adult/two children - $170

Cubs & Preschool Drop-In Gymnastics

A supervised open gym time in which children under the age of 6, accompanied by an adult, may take advantage of our gymnastics facility in a open and fun atmosphere.

Family Drop-In Ninja & Gymnastics

90 minutes of supervised open gym time in which children 14 years and under when and accompanied by an adult, may take advantage of our gymnastics facility in an open and fun atmosphere.

Note: Maximum 2 children per adult. A certified coach will be present for guidance and safety.

Group Visits

TRYumph Gymnastics Academy can support the efforts of schools by encouraging a healthy lifestyle, providing age appropriate and unique exercise, promoting good nutrition, building teamwork and increasing self-esteem. Key physical education curriculum components can be addressed through class participation.

We strongly believe that a TRYumph field trip offers students a chance to exercise their bodies and minds. Students leave feeling accomplished, enthusiastic and proud knowing that what they learned is a fun and exciting way to stay healthy.

Gymnastics is a well-rounded sport that promotes active bodies and active minds. Body awareness, self-confidence, communication skills and enthusiasm are just some of the many physical, mental, and emotional benefits of an TRYumph field trip. By introducing students to gymnastics in an exciting, safe and stimulating way, we encourage daily activity for life.

Our coaches are qualified, professional and can efficiently coach any age group, and all the gymnastics equipment is provided. Our incredible facility provides a positive learning space for students to grow and develop.


Cost: $12.50/child per hour ($150 group minimum). All fees are subject to HST.
Availability: 9:00am to 3:00pm
Please book at least a week in advance.