Summer Camps

Limber up, kids, and head to our UNIQUE Summer Camps!

At our summer camps, your son or daughter will get close instruction and coaching in a variety of  activities and disciplines related to gymnastics, ninja, and fencing!

Our state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped with a variety of floor and acrobatic equipment including vault, bars, beams, tumble tracks and trampolines. Additionally, our Ninja and Fencing areas will allow your child to fully explore a wide variety of activities and learn to appreciate the unique skills required to excel in all.

Your child will have the chance to experience the following activities: Ninja circuit training, slack lining, cargo net climbing, gymnastics, trampolining, fencing, parachute games, badminton, and long rope skipping!

There will also be secondary activities that will encourage socialization beyond a focus on sport. Typical activities will include arts & crafts, interactive games, outdoor activities and other daily themed events.

More Information

Camp Times
Full-Day8:30am - 4:00pm

What to Bring?

  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Indoor athletic shoes
  • Athletic wear

Camp Guidelines

  1. Camps will be run with a ratio of 8 campers to 2 staff.
  2. All campers must be escorted by a parent or caregiver on the first day of camp.
  3. All campers must submit a daily health screening from home by 8 am each day.
  4. Each camper must be able to be dropped off successfully – parents will NOT be allowed into the building.
  5. Each camper must bring all their own food and a water bottle.
  6. Campers are not allowed to share or trade any personal items.
  7. Each camper must be able to properly wash their hands using the OPH protocol (20 sec.).
  8. Each camper must practice respiratory etiquette.
  9. Each camper must have full toileting skills.
  10. Each camper must bring and apply their own sunscreen, which cannot be shared. We also recommend using a sun-shirt/rash-guard.
  11. Different camp cohorts will not interact.
  12. Camp out-trips will be walking only.
  13. Dedicated equipment will be disinfect after use of each cohort.
  14. Campers will be allowed to use the play structure with a thorough disinfection between cohorts.
  15. Children who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 (unrelated to seasonal allergies or other pre-existing conditions) will need to be picked up immediately.
  16. Campers awaiting COVID-19 test results may not attend camp.

Note: Spaces in our camps are limited due to COVID-19 physical distancing and health requirements. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. An email will subsequently be sent to all registrants with details regarding payment methods and health protocols. We recognize that the Ontario government may change their policies at any time and we will react accordingly.

Week 1

July 6 - July 10

Fairy Tales – Adventure is out there! Our imagination is loaded with the newest STEM challenges inspired by classic fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, and more! Help solve the mystery of who pushed Humpty Dumpty off the Wall, what they used to do it, and where they hid the item.  Embark on an imaginative adventure designing and engineering solutions to problems that occurred “once upon a time.” Watch how our challenges each day unfold, from introducing each story, preparing for the challenge, and finally…putting our STEM minds to the test!

Week 2

July 13 - July 17

Superheroes – Avengers assemble! Learn to fly like Superwoman and flip like Spider-Man in our camps action-packed adventures. Don’t miss out on all the thrill this week is sure to bring!

Week 3

July 20 - July 24

Challenge Week – Campers and counselors will face off in a variety of missions, activities and games throughout the week. This week will include Minute to Win It challenges, Ninja and Fencing games, and tug-of-war! Who will come out on top, the Counselors or the Campers??

Week 4

July 27 - July 31

Amazing Race – Nothing is more “amazing” than “The Amazing Race”. Campers will spend time competing in team events, “visiting” different countries and earning points in the form of stamps and stickers along the way.

Week 5

Aug 4 - Aug 7

Disco Dayz – Ready to glow and dance like in 70s? Our campers will learn dance routines with 70s disco music, will be wearing glowing jewelry and giant wigs!

Week 6

Aug 10 - Aug 14

Treasure Hunters – Ahoy mateys! Come find the buried treasure at TRYumph! Campers will learn how to make a wet compass, create their own treasure maps using cartography skills, and build their own pirate ships to compete in a STEM building challenge. We will also be making egg carton treasure chests to keep our jewels safe after our treasure hunt! “Arrrrrgh” you ready to have some fun?!?

Week 7

Aug 17 - Aug 21

Pirates and Mermaids – Ahoy ye pirates and mermaids! Join the Captain and his crew as we spend a week with the pirates and mermaids. Each day, campers will build pirate ships, play pirate obstacle courses, have Treasure Hunt, have fun painting seashells, decorating pirate masks and much more!

Week 8

Aug 24 - Aug 28

Holidays – Are you ready to celebrate all the important Holidays of the year in one week? Challenges about Christmas, Haunted hay rides, Easter egg hunts, pumpkin decorations, and much more!