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Club Rules

Athlete Rules

  1. No unauthorized adults or children in the gym at any time.
  2. No playing on any equipment without strict supervision of a coach, before, after and during lessons.
  3. No swinging on the ropes.
  4. No food or drink to be taken into the gym. No chewing gum, no bubble gum, no lollies.
  5. The gymnasts are expected to arrive on time and are to be picked up on time from inside the academy. If waiting to be picked up, gymnasts are to remain inside the gym. TRYumph Gymnastics Academy takes no responsibility for children outside of scheduled class times.
  6. Affiliation/Registration fees (insurance) must be paid before entering the gym for the first lesson.
  7. Term fees are to be paid within the first three weeks of each term; gymnasts who have not paid their fees will be unable to enter the gym unless prior arrangements have been made with the club.
  8. Appropriate clothing is to be worn: shorts, bike shorts, track pants, leggings, t-shirt, and leotards. No zips please.
  9. Jewellery should NOT be worn to gymnastics. This includes necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets and dangling earrings.
  10. Long hair is to be tied back off the face.

General Rules


Classes start on time. Do not drop-off children more than ten minutes prior to start of class. Children must be picked up promptly when class is over. Parents are required to supervise children at all times before and immediately after class. TRYumph Gymnastics Academy does not take responsibility for children left unsupervised after class. In the event you are going to be late picking up your child, please let us know.


Parents and visitors are not allowed on the gym floor unless participating in a Parent and Tot class. Parents and visitors must sit in the observation area. Please do not talk to or otherwise distract the children participating in the classes. Any interruptions could result in serious injury.

Minimum Age

Children must be turning the minimum age of the program they are registering for, within the first 4 weeks of the session start date. Children must be the minimum age of any camp program prior to the first class.

Moving Up

When your child is ready to advance, the coach will give you a “Move-Up Card”. Bring this card to the front desk and the staff will help you to enroll in the next level. Please understand that if a space is not available in the next level at a convenient time, you may put your child’s name on a waiting list. Your child is then encouraged to continue attending their current class until the office staff notifies you of an available space.

Nut Allergies

Due to an increase of nut allergies in children, all participants must refrain from bringing nuts and nut products into the Academy.


Valuable items should not be brought to the gym. The TRYumph Gymnastics Academy will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Photography and Video Recording

Photography and video recording is not allowed in the gym unless explicitly granted permission by the club. If photography has been allowed, the use of flash photography during training hours is strictly forbidden for the safety of our athletes.